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In Finland it is illegal to _discuss_ how to break or override DRM.

2010/3/3 Kenneth Peiruza <kenneth at contralaguerra.org>

> En/na Richard Stallman ha escrit:
> >     It will be very useful!
> >     We have problems with such laws here in Bulgaria, but frankly we are
> much
> >     better than France an UK. I think they have worst IP enforcement
> laws.
> >
> > France has some very nasty laws about copyright enforcement, including
> > a "three strikes" law.  But when you talk about "IP enforcement" you
> > broaden that statement to include a dozen other laws.  Does France
> > have particularly bad policies for those other laws?  I don't know; do
> > you?
> >
> Richard, this is the reason why we are doing this -bad laws compilation-.
> It includes privacy, copyright, freedom of information and patents. Name
> it however you prefer, it's useful to know so!!
> Just take a look to it ( http://piratepad.net/OKsTbZk4jk ) and if
> possible, contribute with US laws and spread the word about this PAD to
> make this grow faster. We need to have all EU countries complete before
> March 18th to be able to use it against the informal culture ministers
> meeting in Barcelona, next March 29th.
> Kenneth @ Barcelona
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