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Thu Mar 4 02:17:29 CET 2010

Hi Pirates,

Today the PPI acted according to one of its core principles by helping the
Dutch Pirate Party (PPNL) and letting them use a PPI bank account for a
limited time to be able to compete in the upcoming national elections.

Due to the fall of the Dutch government over the Afghanistan issue [1], PPNL
got another opportunity to participate in the upcoming elections by
collecting the funds needed to start up an account (notary aprox. 500 Euro)
and registering at a voting council (aprox. 450 Euro). Thereafter PPNL
will hopefully
be able to collect the bail of 11.250 Euro on their own account that they
will get back after getting 75% of the required votes needed for one
seat.In case the
Dutch pirates aquire the same amount of support as the germans did during
their recent elections this would translate to 4 seats in the parliament.

The current PPI account has not received any funds at this time so the
coreteam decided by a majority vote [2] to help PPNL in this urgent matter.
The account will be used in the future for other campaings where PP's have
not yet been able to open bank accounts. To avoid transaprency issues PPI
will open another account to use as it's primary account for activites such
as the PPI conference in April (we will soon provide more information on
this topic).

Please feel free to enable the Dutch Pirates to participate in their
elections by donating to this account:

Pirate Parties International
( Triodos Brussel, Belgie. )
For international transfers you need to use BIC and IBAN as follows:
IBAN: BE08 5230 8035 8313

Mark your transactions with "PPNL" and your full name.

This mail was intended to inform the party boards and pirates of the current
activities of PPI and how we are able to help our fellow Pirates.

Jerry and Samir.



2) Present at the vote were 4 out of 6 coreteam members, namely Jerry Weyer,
Samir Allioui, Nicolas Sahlqvist and Will Tovey where Samir abstained to
avoid a conflict of interest since he is also the ad-interim PPNL chairman.
The meeting minutes will be published on the PPI Coreteam wiki page:
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