[pp.int.general] PPI helps PPNL during election campaign

Valentin Villenave v.villenave at gmail.com
Thu Mar 4 20:26:42 CET 2010

On Thu, Mar 4, 2010 at 8:09 PM, Christian Hufgard
<pp at christian-hufgard.de> wrote:
> You are kidding, are you? The want to get seats in the parliament and
> are unable to open a bank account?!? Maybe the netherlands are a pretty
> weird country and their is a good reason for not giving a party a bank
> account, but at the first glance, that sounds really, really weird.

Speaking of weird countries, in France it took us 8 (eight !) months
to find a bank that didn't throw us out the minute we said "Parti
Pirate". (And another three months for the public bank that accepted
us, to finally open the account.) Please do not take these things for
granted; if PPNL is on a tight schedule, I can certainly relate to
their difficulties.


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