[pp.int.general] PPI helps PPNL during election campaign

Christian Hufgard pp at christian-hufgard.de
Thu Mar 4 20:31:40 CET 2010

Valentin Villenave wrote:
> Speaking of weird countries, in France it took us 8 (eight !) months
> to find a bank that didn't throw us out the minute we said "Parti
> Pirate". (And another three months for the public bank that accepted
> us, to finally open the account.) Please do not take these things for
> granted; if PPNL is on a tight schedule, I can certainly relate to
> their difficulties.

Mkaaay... Was just wondering. :) In my little city it took me about 15
minutes to get a bank account for an association named Musikpiraten
(music pirates). :)


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