[pp.int.general] Request for Information

Reinier Bakels r.bakels at planet.nl
Fri Mar 5 06:41:37 CET 2010

> On Thu, 4 Mar 2010, Richard Stallman wrote:
>> I think "information law" is a good term. It doesn't imply that these
>> various laws are similar, only that they all affect use of information.
> I would rather put it the other way around: Laws on information or law
> regarding information.
> In legal speak, if you put a word followed by the word 'law' people may
> assume there is some specific law that the term refers to. It is useful to
> point out that we are speaking a variety of laws.
I agree that there can be confusion. You really mean "act", like "copyright 
act". The proposal by Scott Elcomb does not work either, because law is more 
than just legislation. Besides, the term "information law" has gained some 
One might say that one of the basic principles of information law is that it 
is only codified into acts for specific objects (copyrightred works, 
inventions trademarks) while the general rule is freedom.
Freedom = the NON-exsistence is also a matter of law, but not codified into 
acts (or perhaps only in constitutional provisions).


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