[pp.int.general] Request for Information

Kenneth Peiruza kenneth at contralaguerra.org
Fri Mar 5 11:40:52 CET 2010

Kenneth in rude workaholic mode (AKA, don't take this personally):

This discussion is pretty interesting, however, we do only have 5
countries in this pirate pad, and I made 2, can you please work a bit
more and discuss a bit less?


I see plenty of opinions coming from people/countries which aren't even
listed in this pad yet. Feel free to discuss once you  have filled your
country :P

WE ARE IN A HURRY, 10 days remaining!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



En/na Reinier Bakels ha escrit:
>> On Thu, 4 Mar 2010, Richard Stallman wrote:
>>> I think "information law" is a good term. It doesn't imply that these
>>> various laws are similar, only that they all affect use of information.
>> I would rather put it the other way around: Laws on information or law
>> regarding information.
>> In legal speak, if you put a word followed by the word 'law' people may
>> assume there is some specific law that the term refers to. It is
>> useful to
>> point out that we are speaking a variety of laws.
> I agree that there can be confusion. You really mean "act", like
> "copyright act". The proposal by Scott Elcomb does not work either,
> because law is more than just legislation. Besides, the term
> "information law" has gained some acceptance.
> One might say that one of the basic principles of information law is
> that it is only codified into acts for specific objects (copyrightred
> works, inventions trademarks) while the general rule is freedom.
> Freedom = the NON-exsistence is also a matter of law, but not codified
> into acts (or perhaps only in constitutional provisions).
> reinier
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