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The purpose of this email is to summarize some of the ideas being discussed
in the PPI Statutes Taskforce over at
http://www.mypirates.net/ppi_development. The Goal is to create a set of
proposals for the international pirate parties conference April 16th-18th in
Brussels that the delegates can vote on to become the foundation of the PPI.

Below you will find the summary of the discussion as far as it has
progressed till now. Please note that these are only proposals and options
to choose from for the final statutes. We encourage every Pirate to
contribute to the statutes taskforce so we can present the delegates
proposals that truly reflect the ideas of the pirates all over the world.

Everybody can contribute until 21. March, after that date a smaller group
will summarize the proposals. This finalized digest will then be made public
on April 4. to allow further input.

To join the statutes taskforce go to
http://www.mypirates.net/ppi_development, follow the "Every Pirate can
join!" link and fill your country/pirate party affiliation in your profile.
We are looking forward to new contributions!

Summary of proposed options:

** **Name discussion*

1) Pirate Party International
2) Pirate Parties International
3) Pirate(s) International
4) World Pirate Forum
5) United Pirates
6) Global Pirate Movement
7) Brethren Court

** Membership: who can be member of the PPI?*

1) Pirate Parties only
2) Organisations close to Pirate Parties (e.g. Young Pirates, regional
Pirate Parties)
3) Any organisation that accepts our principles
4) Private persons

** Membership: what are the conditions for pirate parties to join?*

1) Organization with the name "Pirate Party"
2) One party per country
3) Several parties per country
4) Accept the Pirate Party principles
5) Registered party
6) Certain number of supporters
7) Certain time of existence

** Membership: who decides if conditions are met?*

1) Delegates (members with voting power)
2) Coreteam committee

** Membership: who can vote?*

1) Every member
2) Only Pirate parties
3) Only one vote per country, regardless of the number of pirate parties in
that country

** Membership: how to handle competing national parties?*

 1) Delegates vote on which party to accept
 2) Accept several parties from one country
 3) Lets the parties decide

* * Membership: Should  PPI raise memberships dues from its members?*

** What should PPI do?*

1) Involvement in world politics

- Develop and publish common policies/statements
- Help parties under formation
- Contact NGO's
- Contact administrations (States,  EU, UN, etc.)
- Contact centre of the pirate movement
- Organise and coordinate global campaigns
- Set up ThinkTanks to develop global solutions for the core pirate topics
- Set up Communities of Practice for the member Pirate Parties

2) Coordination among Pirate Parties

- Publish statements and articles from individual parties
- Redirect media requests
- Cooperate with international organizations with similar interests
- Extend communication between pirate parties
- Create knowledge base
- Organise events

C) Self-Fulfilling

- Provide merchandising
- Create youtube channel
- Arbitration (conflict between members or competing national parties)

** How should PPI be organised?*

1) Permanent positions: (Co)-Presidents, Spokeperson, Head of translation,
Financial officer, Chief administrative officer, Chief technical officer,
Social, Media and Grassroots Officer, Knowledge base administrator,
Coordinator of inter-institutional relations
2) One conference a year with 1 or 2 delegates per county

** L**egal** questions*

1) What country will the organization be incorporated in?
2) What legal form will it take?
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