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Amelia Andersdotter teirdes at gmail.com
Tue Mar 9 20:22:11 CET 2010

Dear all:

I am looking for an excuse to go to Helsinki in May (see below). Is
there anything going on piratewise in Finland at that time? It would
be quite easy for me to present the present work at the European
Parliament now that I'm getting a grasp of the total amount of issues
circulating through particularly the ITRE, ENVI and TRAN committees
(Engström is in IMCO and JURI, but many issues intersect and
apparently there's more often than not clashes of competences (!))

Keep in touch!


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Subject: Workhop on Multimodal Location Based Techniques for Extreme
	Navigation in conjunction with Pervasive 2010 Helsinki Finland Monday 17th
	May 2010

Hi A!

I think you must have met Charlotte last year at the location based conference you attended at Malmo Massan.

She's organized a workshop in Helsinki in May.


Final call for papers -
Workshop on Multimodal Location Based Techniques for Extreme Navigation Workshop in conjunction with Pervasive 2010 Helsinki Finland Monday 17th May 2010 http://www.haptimap.org/events/organized-events/pervasive.html
and twitter as extremenav10

Submission deadline 15th March 2010

Accepted authors may submit extended versions for inclusion in a special issues of Personal and Ubiquitous Computing to appear in 2010.

Location-based data and services for geographical and navigational information (such as electronic maps and gps directions), are usually presented using visual displays. With the increasing complexity of information, and the variety of contexts of use, it becomes important to consider how other non-visual sensory channels, such as audition and touch, can be used to communicate necessary and timely information to users. Activities such as running, rock-climbing and cycling, are all examples of activities where navigational and geographical information may be needed, but where the visual modality is unsuitable. Additionally, there are a number of user groups such as visually impaired people and the emergency services, who also require non-visual access to geo-data. This workshop will provide a forum for sharing  research ideas and findings about new interaction and perceptualization metaphors, novel application contexts, multimodal and context-aware technologies for mobility -- thereby creating a solid fou
ndation for further exploration of pervasive extreme navigation.

Topics of the workshop include, but are not limited to:

Sensing and applying user context to navigation and wayfinding Multimodal techniques to augment visual map displays Multimodal navigation systems for extreme sports Multimodal navigation systems for runners Multimodal systems for rescue workers Navigation systems for "eyes-busy" activities Wearable technology and textiles for navigation Environmental awareness for Disabilities and Visual Impairment.
User requirements capture/user involvement for non visual design

Submission details
Submissions of either position papers or demo abstracts covering the topics of the workshop should be submitted by 15 March 2010.

4 page position papers or 2 page demo abstracts should be submitted in ACM format (http://www.acm.org/sigs/publications/proceedings-templates) as camera ready pdf files.

At least one author from each  submission is expected to register and attend the workshop.

Accepted authors will be invited to submit extended versions of their work for inclusion in a special edition of Personal and Ubiquitous Computing to appear in 2010.

Submissions or other queries should be mailed to Charlotte Magnusson (charlotte.magnusson at certec.lth.se) or David McGookin (mcgookdk at dcs.gla.ac.uk)

Organising Committee
Charlotte Magnusson  Lund University
David McGookin University of Glasgow
Margarita Anastassova CEA
Wilko Heuten OFFIS -  Institute for Information Technology Arantxa Renter Robotiker-Tecnalia Susanne Boll OFFIS -  Institute for Information Technology

This workshop is organized within the HaptiMap project.

Charlotte Magnusson
Associate Professor
Certec, Division of Rehabilitation Engineering Research
Department of Design Sciences Lund University
tel +46 46 222 4097
fax +46 46 222 4431

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