[pp.int.general] does enyone knows this guy? probably FB scum!!

Aleksandar Blagojevic piratska.partija.srbije at gmail.com
Tue Mar 9 23:49:37 CET 2010

Hello Pirates!


  the "Paolo CocuRoccia" contacted our member and said this:

Hey Lina,
i'm the pirate party's italian (Roma) spokesman.
We're organizing the second international pirate fest in Italy.
If you wanna be involved, contact me!
ask to your party for getting the account.
The trip is free, but you should be signed...

if this is scum, well we will ignore it, and report the person.
and of course keep your lists clean...



Best regards,

Aleksandar Blagojevic
Leader of Serbian Pirate Party

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