[pp.int.general] question about organisation of national pirate parties

Stephane Bakhos nuitari at pirateparty.ca
Wed Mar 10 08:42:27 CET 2010

> I'd like to know how national parties are organised. I assume that in 
> most countries only registered associations can register as political 
> parties, like in the Netherlands? In particular I am interested in the 
> *internal* democracy of national PP's. Do you adopt a one-man-one-vote 
> system, or a tiered system? Some people argue that a tiered system is 
> indispensable for defense against "troll" attacks (e.g. a major GEMA 
> delegation in Germany becoming PPDE member - so that there is a 
> pro-copyright majority), but - at least under (even "default") Dutch 
> association law, the board decides who can be a member - and will not 
> accept memebrship applications from trolls.
> I believe that direct democracy is indispensable for a political 
> organisation. Do you?

We mostly have a one man one vote system, however we kept a mechanism for 
the "federal council" to be able to expel members if required.

The full federal council isn't yet established, and in the interim it is 
the 5 executives of the party.

The Federal council itself is 5 people elected, and 5 people to represent 
the provinces & territories of Canada.

A member of the Federal Council can be removed if 75% of the council 
approves a resolution to do so, or if a simple majority of the membership 
vote on a resolution during a meeting.

There is also a 30 day delay between membership and the right to vote.

Though right now we're still not fully operating on these levels, this is 
what we are aiming for. There is still a lack of deeply involved people.

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