[pp.int.general] question about organisation of national pirate parties

aloa5 piratenpartei at t-online.de
Wed Mar 10 13:36:22 CET 2010

Reinier Bakels schrieb:

> I believe that direct democracy is indispensable for a political 
> organisation. Do you?

Yes and no. Direct democracy means (in fact) everyone has a (real) 
chance for voting. You would need something like postal voting for 
implementing this. Not cheap (or easy) at all.

One man one vote elevtions of officials during sessions in wich members 
have to be physically present are more likely to be entered. It could 
happen. And it could have happened to the program of PP-DE before we 
changed our rules. At the beginning there was no 4 weeks rule in wich 
the proposals for changings have to be submitted. *g* There was even a 
joke from a former member that he would come to a party conference 2009 
with some friends implementing a point "rescue the Whales".

German Pirates are working on two ways solving the problems for direct 

One way: not only a party conference at one location but more, connected 
with video/audio-streams. This would allow more members to be physically 

Another way: liquid democracy (delegated voting). There you would be 
able to be physically present OR you can delegate your voting if not.

Not easy to manage either one of this two ... or both.

For a political organisation I would prefer this two ways. Reason for 
this is logical and can be seen every day. If you concentrate might the 
persons holding will be the aim of attacks by lobbying groups (mostly 
the officials) wich are in the party and as seen before SWIFT decision 
also for attacks from other lobbying groups.

Direct democracy because it removes some tactical options out of 

Otmar alias aloa5

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