[pp.int.general] Jolly Pirro's Day

Fedor Khod'kov fedor76 at istra.ru
Thu Mar 11 12:41:12 CET 2010

Hello, Dmitry!

Some notes about celebration and website:

I'm quite sure it is OK to buy free books (including copyrighted books,
for example, CC or GFDL- licenced), disks with GNU/Linux and other free
software and disks from artists who make their music freely downloadable
from the net.  So I cannot follow your advice to "not buy books, films,
music, cd's and anything else like that".

And why do you want to celebrate "copyright funeral" if no PP (and
definitely not PPR) promote full copyright abolition?

Can someone who doesn't have cellphone (or whose cellphone, like mine,
doesn't support melody upload) celebrate this day, and how?

As a side note, playing funeral march to promote pirate party seems
quite strange to me.  Hearing funeral march from someone's cellphone in
transport wouldn't make me think about copyright and wouldn't provide an
incentive to ask that person what's going on.

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