[pp.int.general] Stop please (was does enyone knows this guy? probably FB scum!! (Marco Confalonieri))

Gregory Engels Gregory.Engels at piratenpartei-hessen.de
Tue Mar 16 08:42:07 CET 2010

On 16.03.2010, at 00:32, Perline-Parti Pirate (France) wrote:

> What about an IRC to clean your dirty laundry, which won't fulfill  
> our letterboxes ? <:-)

Oh common! you know what a delete button is? Complaining that people  
send some
mails on the mailing list that are irrelevant to someone is  
just ....wrong! you know
how to ignre a tread, and it is up to you what order you maintain in  
your inbox.
Set up a filter, that auto sort into folders.

Don't blame others for your bad email-management.

I for my part found the whole thread amusing, and more important I'll  
try to send
one of our party officers to the Italian "fest 2.0" event. If the  
thread would not be
in the public, I would not have noticed this event and no one from  
Germany would

just my 2cents.

P.S everyone calmm down please, and just ask themselvs, is their next  
is going "forward the action" or not.


Gregory Engels
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Pirate Party of Germany

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