[pp.int.general] Stop please (was does enyone knows this guy? probably FB scum!! (Marco Confalonieri))

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Tue Mar 16 09:12:09 CET 2010

> Don't blame others for your bad email-management.

> Gregory Engels
> International Coordinator
> Pirate Party of Germany

Ouaouohhhh, how interesting is the way the PPDe "coordinate" people, and the respect of other's life they have.
You are right : we learn a lot of these kind of exchanges :
How people (men ?) try to get power just drowning regular people but taking their time with no important things.

Very well known technics, we experimented in last 70's.
But democracy is not power taken by the volume, which I call "soft putsh" by pretentious people, arguing "they" know 
technics and other has to, too.

If you imagine that YOU know technics and everybody has to follow what you are thinking about the best way to use it, 
there are so many (other) parties for you.

Let people live, and have their own life.
And spend your testosterone outside this list.
Thanks a lot.

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