[pp.int.general] Stop please (was does enyone knows this guy? probably FB scum!! (Marco Confalonieri))

erik ernst erikernstm at gmail.com
Tue Mar 16 12:44:43 CET 2010

I have to admit, I agree with most if not all Peter Zweigbergk said, except
his decision to leave the list, not that I blame him.
It has taken a few people a couple of minutes to kill this list,
purposefully or not, how are we going to react when the pro-trolls hit us?

Imo we need to get back to the actual purpose of this list, being to
communicate pirate news internationally and to coordinate events ect.
Actually most of what is going on on the list right now, would be better
suited in a forum, PPI has forums why dont we use them?

I would love for this list, to be an effective tool for spreading spreading
news and information fast, but if we continue like this more are gonna

Those with wet dreams of open democracy etc should imo create a community
somewhere where they could then scream and shout their more or less thought
out ideas, personally Im only interested in good ideas that benefit our
cause, and they seem to drown in the curent enviroment.

As for the hosting of this mailinglist, I agree that it ought to be hosted
by PPI itself, Im just not sure now is the best time to do just that.  We
are about to destroy something potentionally very usefull to all pirates, so
I urge everybody to get back on track and to remember how easy it is to kill
something compared to the effort it takes to rebuild from scratch.


> I have already been mentally filtering out e-mails from this list as mostly
> useless babble for a while now. All it does is make my Nokia N900 cell phone
> (which does not have advanced e-mail filtering capabilities) make noise once
> in a while, consuming battery power receiving the e-mail. Not everyone
> receives e-mail on a high-speed low-cost Internet connection to a system
> with large capabilities to manage e-mail.
> The quoted response - I think - partially justifies my decision to finally
> unsubscribe from this mailing list. The other aspect is the continually
> non-constructive attitude of this list which makes me loathe even posting
> here for fears of adding kindling to a flamewar.
> If people using this mailing list use it for useless babble, and don't see
> anything wrong with this practice, going as far as to blame others of poor
> e-mail management rather than moderate their own behaviour, then it is not a
> list I wish to be receiving any more. I am sure there are others that feel
> the same way about this list, but have not bothered to post about it.
> And - as a personal opinion - I don't see why the Swedish Pirate Party, who
> provides hosting for this mailing list - should use bandwidth and system
> resources to keep this list running. I shall be raising the question of
> whether the list - in its current form - merits the support of our party,
> when the opportunity arises.
> So long, and enjoy your personal spamlist while it lasts.
> Per von Zweigbergk
> Swedish Pirate Party Technical Administration and Operations Group
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