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Tue Mar 23 17:20:28 CET 2010

Am Dienstag 23 März 2010 08:50:24 schrieb Gregory Engels:
> On 22.03.2010, at 23:36, Helmut Pozimski wrote:
> > An why did you choose such a restrictive license then? CC-BY would
> > be more
> > appropriate here.
> I can understand why nc-sa are there - it is promoting the CC license
> more,
> if you enfrorce that the derivate works should also use a free license.
> NC is because the pirates are for promoting non commercial copying,
I don't question the existence of nc-licenses as such. But in case of Pirro it 
seems appropriate to me to choose a free (as in freedom) license that actually 
allows us and others to use the graphic for different puposes.

Many things that can be and are done by pirate parties (e.g. printing T-shirts 
and selling them) are in fact or could be interpreted as commercial use. 
Therefore choosing a nc-license would make it unfit for a pirate party mascott 
both for ideological and practical reasons. 

In my opinion, cc-by-sa would be fine, but to give the maximum freedom to 
people using it, cc-by should at least be considered.

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