[pp.int.general] Meet Our New Freind....Pirro =)

Fedor Khod'kov fedor76 at istra.ru
Sun Mar 28 20:48:32 CEST 2010

Boris Turovskiy <tourovski at gmail.com> writes:

> Put the above on a T-shirt and sell it, or place it onto a commercial
> website - then it'll violate the NC condition.
> Of course parody and critizism are ok, but using our Pirro against us
> and earning money doing so is too much IMO:)
This picture uses windows logo: http://en.windows7sins.org/i/jesus.jpg .
Should people be allowed to sell T-shirt with it or they must ask
permission from Micro$oft?  And, actually, is it possible under current
copyright law for author of original work to legally prohibit commercial
distribution of parodies and criticism?  Aren't such cases covered by
"fair use" and similar laws?

Anyway, it is not hard for MAFIAA to avoid NC infringement: you are not
first who invented connection between pirates and parrots, so they can
just use picture of a parrot which is different enough from yours but
still sends the intended message.  The only result of such restriction
would be PP looking as hypocrites.

Copyright must be used to reward authors of creative works, not to
prevent others from criticizing authors and ideas they promote.
Demanding those who sell Pirro T-shirts to give some part of their
profit to PP might be OK -- although, in my opinion, works which is
created with specific purpose of promoting political ideas should be as
free as possible.  But trying to block criticism from spreading (and
commercial distribution of critical works and parodies is one of main
ways to spread criticism) with copyright law is not acceptable.

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