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Edison Carter the.real.edison.carter at gmail.com
Wed Mar 24 07:09:52 CET 2010

I have my own opinion on this issue which Nina Paley has already
expressed far more elegantly than I ever could. Please read this;

The entire free software movement has been a success because GPL
allows 'commercial use'. If Linus had stuck to his original no-$$$
licence, Linux would never have been anything but a toy for a few
ultra-nerds and we'd still be waiting for the FSF to finish HURD.

CC-BY-NC is a big mistake. We want something Pirate Parties can put on
T-shirts and sell to raise funding. This isn't it.

On Wed, Mar 24, 2010 at 6:14 PM, Fedor Khod'kov <fedor76 at istra.ru> wrote:
> Boris Turovskiy <tourovski at gmail.com> writes:
>> In effect, NC can be a counterpart to much of the GPL's restrictions,
>> where "I relesased the source, so anybody who uses the work has to do
>> it, too" is replaced with "I intend on this work to be distributed for
>> free, so anybody who uses it should distribute it for free, too".
> Of cource not.  GPL requires derivative works to be as free as original,
> and so does CC-SA.  There are good reasons to do so: some authors do
> this to defend others' freedom, some do this because they don't want
> their competitors to get unfairy advantage over them.  This is not just
> "look at me and do as I do" thing.  But I don't know any good reason to
> prohibit others from making profit -- if you are not against the very
> idea of making profit, of course.
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> Fedor.
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