[pp.int.general] Meet Our New Freind....Pirro =)

Fedor Khod'kov fedor76 at istra.ru
Wed Mar 24 06:14:01 CET 2010

Boris Turovskiy <tourovski at gmail.com> writes:

> In effect, NC can be a counterpart to much of the GPL's restrictions,
> where "I relesased the source, so anybody who uses the work has to do
> it, too" is replaced with "I intend on this work to be distributed for
> free, so anybody who uses it should distribute it for free, too".

Of cource not.  GPL requires derivative works to be as free as original,
and so does CC-SA.  There are good reasons to do so: some authors do
this to defend others' freedom, some do this because they don't want
their competitors to get unfairy advantage over them.  This is not just
"look at me and do as I do" thing.  But I don't know any good reason to
prohibit others from making profit -- if you are not against the very
idea of making profit, of course.

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