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Glenn Kerbein glenn.kerbein at pirate-party.us
Thu Mar 25 06:49:54 CET 2010

I'm bumping the thread.
	Everyone should know that I've been editing a lot of PP leaders' pages.
Mostly just uploading images to the Wikimedia Commons. Uploading from
external sites and citing them is particularly onerous - despite a
license being posted on each site (e.g. PPLU uses a CC-BY license, PPES
uses PD) Wikipedia either stalls or dislikes those images. It does,
however, happen to love Flickr; I've uploaded a couple images from there
and the flickrbot automates each image's approval.
	I just wished more parties used Flickr, and had more images of each
officer. I can find a bunch of images of PPCH handing out propaganda,
but none of the officers; however, a search for "Rick Falkvinge" yields
lots of results. Just a thought.
	Please contribute! It's not just for vanity, Wikipedia is an
intellectually wealthy commons - we simply /must/ be apart of it.

On 03/20/2010 12:34 AM, Perline-Parti Pirate (fr) wrote:
> Le Samedi 20 Mars 2010 07:25:49 Glenn Kerbein
> <glenn.kerbein at pirate-party.us>, dans un message intitulé
> "[pp.int.general] Wikipedia pages" nous a informés :
>> Remember, though, that you can't edit your own page. That would
>> constitute a conflict of interest.
> If you put only facts with the references (outside yours) you can, it is
> not a conflict of interest.
> And you CAN edit your own page.

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