[pp.int.general] Universidad pirata (Pirate University)

Kenneth Peiruza kenneth at contralaguerra.org
Fri Mar 26 07:26:01 CET 2010

Hi there,

    Universidad pirata is quite old  project, born in Barcelona around
2004. It has been moving from squat to squat in Barcelona, so they
finally renamed it to Universidad Nómada. For the program and workshops
going to be held, I guess Universidade Pirata is sharing some of their
members with the former UP.

    There is a direct link between the ones who organized this in Spain
and the ones organizing the Free Culture Forum and the Hackmeetings, but
as I said, nowadays it's original source isn't named pirata anymore...

Presentation of Universidad Pirata in London (Rampart, really nice and
cool people):


News about Police raid pushing them out of their last squat before
renaming (spanish):


Nowaday's website with links to similar groups:


    They are really nice, smart and active people.  I meet some of them
regularly, however, in my opinion (at least in Europe) they are too
linked to the squatter movement for the Pirate Party to get a close
relationship. I think it could easily damage our image between non
activists and give ammo to media to attack us and stigmatize as a
radical anti-globalization movement and all that shit they usually do.

    In any case, I think we can give our support to the events they
organize which match our principles as well :D



En/na Samir Allioui ha escrit:
> In NL, free education and software is in the core of our "pirate" program.
> And so are open acces models.
> Just that you know ;)
> On Thu, Mar 25, 2010 at 9:11 PM, Perline-Parti Pirate (fr)
<perline at partipirate.org <mailto:perline at partipirate.org>> wrote:
> Valeu !
> Very great idea ! We should take example on this excellent initiative
> : link the  name Pirate and free software and
> education.
> Le Jeudi 25 Mars 2010 18:24:45 Enrique Herrera Noya
> <quiquetux at gmail.com <mailto:quiquetux at gmail.com>>, dans un message
> intitulé "[pp.int.general]
> Universidad pirata  (Pirate University)" nous a informés :
> > mas información
> > http://www.juntadados.org/universidade_pirata
> > more info (in portugues)
> > http://www.juntadados.org/universidade_pirata
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