[pp.int.general] Our institution is going to be on 11th April :)

angel todorov angel.todorov at piratskapartia.bg
Tue Mar 30 18:45:47 CEST 2010

Hi pirates!

We are proud to announce that on April, 11th we are going to make our legal
institution here in Bulgaria.

It was a lot of hard work because of our formal law regulations, but now we
are ready.

By the name of our organization, I want to invite all of you to send a
representative at our institution. We will be honored if you do so and also
it will be a good PR for us here in Bulgaria.

We will provide a hotel room for every representative.

If you can't send a representative, please, send as an official
congratulatory massage on webmaster at piratskapartia.bg.

Thank you in advance.

Angel Todorov

+359  898798015

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