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NingúnOtro ningunotro at hotmail.com
Sat Apr 9 21:35:17 CEST 2011

El sáb, 09-04-2011 a las 03:18 +0200, Boris Turovskiy escribió:
> Ahoi NingúnOtro,
> I'll oversee the booze allusion, but still, please don't be
> condescending to me. I don't like that, and as you put it earlier, it
> doesn't help getting your argument across.

Good, I did not like to use some of your own medicine, but I knew it
would hurt good enough to make you understand. Please do not think about
me as condescending just because I knew it would be effective. I very
much respect everyone's right to his own opinions and personality, but
everyone should understand that to be able to work as a team everyone
must personally make the decision to keep for his own and private sphere
those parts of his own personality that scare more people and their
contribution away than he can compensate by the amount he contributes
himself. I'm sure that the wiser one is the more one tolerates from
others, but not trying to respect the minimal safety limits in this can
rapidly cause any group to disband, no matter how good and urgent the
goals they chase.

> > Richard has a long term strategy that builds on logical and ethical
> > coherence, and part of its efficiency depends on persistently
> > disallowing confusion inside the vocabulary, calling a cat a cat and a
> > mouse a mouse.
> Firstly, I also have a long-term strategy. It doesn't include promoting
> instruments (like software) or even cultural achievements to a sacred
> status.
> Secondly, I happen to know some things about linguistics, and the FSF's
> argumentation in that field is depressingly primitive.

Please elaborate, I'm all ears, and I might not be the only one.

> Best regards,
> B.T. (stands for "Big Troll")

Have a cookie... ;)

No, seriously, I'd rather be friends, and I'm sure we'll share a drink
sooner or later.

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