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One small nitpick, people can think in economic terms while looking at
human rights by using utility functions and utility theory.
Essentially, you should aim to maximise your own utility, whether your
utility is defined by maximal wealth or by some other less tangible

On Sat, Apr 9, 2011 at 7:16 PM, Richard Stallman <rms at gnu.org> wrote:
>    IMO it's not a problem to think in economic terms,
> I can see several meanings for that statement.  If you mean that
> thinking in economic terms is sometimes useful, I agree.  I don't want
> to eliminate thinking in economic terms.
> However, we are campaigning for the human right to share, so we want
> people to think of sharing in terms of freedom, not in terms of
> mere economics.
> I think you're referring to the field of behavioral economics, which
> rejects the premise that everyone behaves rationally.  Behavioral
> economics attempts to fix flaws in economic theory to make it fit
> reality better.  I'm all for it, but what I'm talking about is
> something else.  I'm not saying "Promote better economic theories",
> I'm saying "Encourage people to think of this issue in terms of their
> rights, not in terms of economic gain and loss."
>    But I get the smart idea of "published/unpublished", which introduces
>    privacy as a "value" ;-).
> The reason I refer to this distinction is that we advocate the freedom
> to share copies of published works, but not unpublished works/data.
> We demand the freedom to redistribute copies of (published) musical
> recordings, but we don't ask for the freedom to redistribute copies of
> your credit card number.
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