[pp.int.general] Correct word usage for PP.

Boris Turovskiy tourovski at gmail.com
Tue Apr 12 04:24:09 CEST 2011

Hi Richard,

> You've manufactured an apparent contradiction by equating apples with
> oranges.  We don't shun people who half-support our cause, but we do
> refuse to sign manifestos that reject part of our views.
No, I didn't manufacture anything. You had the choice to use your
authority - and you do have one - to support a cause which definitely
didn't contradict your position but just "didn't go far enough" and
besides, used "banned" words (that's what can be concluded from your
statement about the PDM). You chose not to support it, and you chose to
do so not by a quiet "hey guys I'm not with you on this one" but by
vocal criticism. For me, that doesn't look like the behaviour of someone
who wants to achieve a common goal, but rather like someone who wants to
achieve his personal goal with the attitude "those who aren't (fully)
with us are against us".

> I responded to the point someone else raised.  If the point he raised
> is not the one that concerns you, that's not my fault, but you are
> trying to pretend it is one.
Oh no. The point raised was that you only wanted to have "absolutely
pure" adepts around you; and that raises the legitimate question how you
react to the "half-pure" (those who accept only parts of your ideas) or
even the "non-pure" (those who agree with part of your ideas but
actively disagree with other parts of it). You only responded to the
first part of that question - and in an unsatisfactory way, as
demonstrated by your opinion about the Public Domain Manifesto - but
that doesn't mean the second part just doesn't exist.

> Your goal is apparently to find fault with me, and you don't mind
> stooping to nonsequiturs and other irrationality to do it.
I'll be blunt: I consider you more a threat to the Pirate movement than
an asset. We don't need fanatics, and we most surely don't need fanatics
who start with other basic assumptions than ours.
Therefore, the goal of my persistent attacks on you have been (and
continues to be) to decrease the influence of you and your adepts in the
Pirate movement by exposing your faults, which I believe are numerous.
Some of my attacks may be irrational, but my last mail nailed you to the
wall by pure logic, so I guess I can write a 1 on my side of the
chalkboard this time.

Your turn.

Best regards,

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