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El mié, 13-04-2011 a las 13:08 +0200, Yves Quemener escribió:
> On 04/13/2011 01:00 PM, NingúnOtro wrote:
> > I guess that when we combine that with the virtual absence of Pirate
> > Movement... there is a tough battle to be fought there.
> Maybe one way to go would be through wikileaks. They have been discussing
> in the past (I don't know what is the status of this discussion now) about
> transforming Iceland into a haven for free speech and unrestrained
> journalism. Apparently many politicians and a big part of the public were
> very grateful about the leaks concerning the Icesave deal that wikileaks
> made possible and wanted to give constitutional protection to such endeavors.
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I would not bet that much on the politicians, not even the lefty ones.

This is one of Birgitta's last tweets after the results of the 2nd
ICESAVE referendum were known:

"Political turmoil in Iceland. Government might or might not survive.
Only thing glueing it together is the fear of right wing power again.
7:31 PM Apr 12th vía web"

Nothing about IMMI but the creation of a non-profit foundation (without
a true budget) has been enacted yet... and it may all be a dream that
vanishes instead of consolidates.

Remember, the only NEW political movements in Iceland are The Movement
(Hreyfingin) -only 3 seats in parliament-, and The Best Party (Besti
Flokkurinn) -6 city council seats, and Jon Gnarr as mayor in coalition
with others-. The rest are the same as before, even if majority has
switched "temporarily" due to the common peoples raged reaction to the
crisis of 2008. 

If the government falls and propaganda (oriented through the ownership
of the mass media) is allowed to influence the public unhindered... the
same that were in charge before the 2008 crash could easily return to

That is why we should get there to play a role before it is too late...
and it can get too late anytime now.
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