[pp.int.general] PP Tunisia and e-governance

Paul Da Silva pdasilva at partipirate.org
Sat Feb 26 12:17:26 CET 2011

Hi everyone,

In Tunis there is currently the SWTunis (http://tunis.startupweekend.org/)
where one pirate (member of the french and tunisian party) present and
working on a project of open governance for Tunisia.

He needs a lot of help to gather all the potential softwares that would be
interesting to use in such governance.

Yesterday his project was voted the more interesting and now he has 54 hours
to deploy it - so if you can help out, don't hesitate : it would be amazing
to see Tunisia

*Paul Da Silva
Président du Parti Pirate

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pdasilva at partipirate.org*
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