[pp.int.general] Patent system similar to GPL?

carnops at pirateparty.be carnops at pirateparty.be
Mon Feb 28 20:59:49 CET 2011

I'd like to point out some differences between the patent system and the GPL.

The main goal of a patent is to ensure the privileged exploitation of
particular production method or a particular procedure for doing
something. USA different because they allow to patent an idea or concept
(for example : a click). In Europe the system is -fortunately- quite
different ; to get a patent, you have to demonstrate how it works in a
verify detailed manner (plans, description, aso.) so the patent office may
verify that it's an original idea.

GPL and furthermore FDL works because there's a community idea behind.
If you find it usefull, feel free to use it as long as you want. If you
like it, share it. If the software or documentation lacks of something
just add it for the good of everybody.

Look at the free software community ; many people doesn't ask a cent, but
I am sure it's also one of the largest employment provider in the IT
business. How many sysadmins, engineers, developpers, documenters,
translators and hardware vendors does it represent?

Why not create a sort of Free Patent Foundation or a Free Invention Licence?

I read a very interesting document titled "Open Source Democracy" written
by Douglas Rushkoff (published at Project Gutenberg).

Over the years, I understood some very important things while using free
software : collaborative work is much more efficient, an idea can always
be improved by someone smarter, it is possible to earn a salary while
working with/at free software.

Are you sure we need a closed patent system to have competition? Is
competition more efficient than cooperation? What about patents on seeds
that could save millions of lives every year? Why isn't there a solution
for AIDS while billions of dollars/euro and 20 years have been spent over
for research?

Stéphane Vanbellinghen a.k.a. Carnops
Pirate Party Belgium

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