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The following PR has been posted on the Facebook site of the PP-TN  
confirming the twitter messages that are flowting around.


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Parti Pirate Tunisie - Pirate Party Tunisia

Press Release


TUNIS, TUNISIA 2011.01.06


The Pirate Party of Tunisia involved in breaking the Tunisian media  
blackout on the social unrest happening in many Tunisian cities from  
December 18th 2010 is facing harsh political and police repression  
from the undemocratic and corrupt government of Tunisia.

In the course of our last operations our members relayed videos and  
information on police killing young civilians, on suicide cases  
related to repression and poverty while riots are happening in the  
cities of Sidi Bouzid, Siliana and Thala. The Party is also  
distributing in tunisian universities and schools USB Keys and CD ROMS  
with installation of the TOR Software needed to circumvent the major  
wave of cyber censorship happening on the Tuninsian Internet and to  
protect tunisian Internet users from the hacking the tunisian cyber  
police is relying on to monitor Internet Users and prevent truth from  
being relayed online.

On Thursday 2011.01.06,

Slah Eddin Kchouk aka Le Loup

Azyz Ammami aka Azyoz GM

Slim Ammamou aka Slim404

three members of the party, were kidnapped by the tunisian political  
police. No warrant was used. Nobody including teir families is aware  
of where they are being detained as of now. Their computers have also  
been confiscated by the police. The three young tunisians hold  
university degrees and wouldn't be involved in illegal activities.

Tunisia is a country known for its undemocratic and corrupt political  
regime under the presidence of Zine ElAbidine Ben Ali these past 23  

Tunisia is a country where torture while in detention or in prison is  
very common as reported and documented by Red Cross, Amnesty, HRW and  
other NGO's.

Pirate Party Tunisia severely condemns the dictatorship of Ben Ali and  
will engage every possible action to

1. Free its members

2. Seek international legal course in case of torture and inhumane  
treatment on its members.

In addition to our members, several other young tunisians were  
arrested on the same grounds the same day two of them are Hammadi  
Kaloucha a blogger and cyber activist and Hamada Ben Aoun a 22 year  
old singer and activist.

We're asking the international community for help to put pressure on  
the Tunisian Government to release our members.
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