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At least... the procurement or lease of the necessary equipment (or the gift of parts of the expected lifetime of the equipment paid for by others), and lots of personal efforts ;)

That sacrifices were made so that nobody had to contribute money if he did not wish to, does not mean that nobody had to contribute anything.

Using money from whatever origin speeds up the process considerably by increasing the availability of equipment and man-hours, I think nobody can doubt that.

Calling for volunteers to contribute digitalisations done on their own equipment can speed up the availability of widely available printed works, but hardly works for difficult to find originals. These might have value derived from their scarcity the owner might not want to undermine by exposing them to the process of digitalisation, as handling these originals even carefully might entail a risk and have a certain cost, and the availability of digital copies sure makes less desirable and thus less pricey the ownership of the originals.

Not saying that is the way I would want it to be... but I am not the one to own rare works, so my personal opinion hardly counts ;) .

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>     Even in the pirate party are a couple of people who know, that
>     digitilization of documents costs money.
> I have doubts about that claim.  Project Gutenberg has digitized many
> books.  How much did that cost?
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