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The representations of Polish regions in Brussels, hold series of
high-level conferences in the framework of the Polish Presidency of the EU

To register or find more about thematic scope of the conferences, visit the
following website: http://www.polishregions.eu/

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1. 18 new MEPs to arrive next month - 14/11/2011 17:38:26
The European Parliament is expecting to welcome 18 new members over the
course of next month, as a two-and-a-half-year-long bureaucratic procedure
draws to a close.


2. Putin's return poses questions for EU strategy - 14/11/2011 10:34:24
Germany and Poland have said the EU should co-operate more closely with
Russia despite calls by liberal MEPs and the Russian opposition for a
confrontational approach.


3. [Focus] Warlords undermine EU security mission in Congo - 14/11/2011 10:42:34
EU security missions in Congo have scored a number of technical successes,
but fundamental problems remain untouched.


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