[pp.int.general] Fwd: Big pharma should combat bee decline, MEPs say

Marco Confalonieri marco.confalonieri at email.it
Thu Nov 17 12:23:49 CET 2011

Il 16/11/2011 22.02, Sina Amoor Pour ha scritto:
> "The resolution also stresses the "need to offer the pharmaceutical
> industry incentives for the development of new medicinal products
> designed to combat bee diseases.”"
> What kind of incentives? If this word is not defined it will probably
> be interpreted at "more patents".

I agree with you. Moreover I have doubts about the fact that the
problems with bees are their diseases. The main problems for them AFAIK
are all related to human activities, such as genetically modified plants
and increasing human settlements. What are they really trying to do?

Marco Confalonieri

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