[pp.int.general] Fwd: 18 new MEPs to arrive next month

Philip Hunt cabalamat at googlemail.com
Fri Nov 18 08:00:36 CET 2011

On 18 November 2011 02:40,  <mattias.bjarnemalm at piratpartiet.se> wrote:
> The other, and perhaps somewhat trickier question, is wether or not we
> want to form a group of our own in the EU parliament. [...]
> And the most inportant thing: noone will be able to deny that we've
> managed to establish ourselves as an independent and important political
> actor on the European level.

Good point. But bear in mind that we can possibly also achieve that
recognition as part of a bigger Europeam parliament group, if that
group has Pirate in its name. So for example, the Greens are
recognised even though there isn't a Green group but a Green-EFA

> 1) First we should try to find other parties that don't fit inte the
> current set of political groups and see if we can combine to form a
> political group. Only thing to consider here is that we should avoid
> parties with opposing agendas to our own to avoid to much internal
> bickering in the group, and we should also avoid all kinds of far
> right/nationalist parties.
> 2) The second thing we should aim for, should we fail to form our own
> group, is to have an existing group that we join change their name to
> reflect our distinctiveness within the group.

Either way, we should give preference to parties/groups that're
willing to sign up to Pirate policies on copyright and patents.

Philip Hunt, <cabalamat at gmail.com>

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