[pp.int.general] Project manegment

Stéphane Vanbellinghen carnops at pirateparty.be
Wed Sep 28 21:26:17 CEST 2011

> We find ourselves in a position where we need a project manegment software.
> As a programmer I've used a few but i dont know which one is most suited
> for non programming work (organising projects in a political party).
> Any recommendations?
> PS: It has to be free and opensource.


We, at PP Belgium, are using Agora-Project (http://www.agora-project.net).
It is free software.

Unfortunately, the website is only available in french, but english is 
available for the tool.

It requires PHP 4.3 and MySQL 4.1.

It is user friendly, easy to manage and maintain, lightweight and swift.

The main functions : documents management, agenda, forum, contactbook, link 
sharing, to-do and Gantt, e-mailing, news and text instant messaging.

I hope this helps.


Pirate Party Belgium
+32 496 74 28 02

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