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Brad Hall brad.hall at pirate-party.us
Thu Sep 29 01:18:38 CEST 2011

Good day,

Howdy fellow Pirates.

I figured it would be a good idea to advertise this on the PPI list as there
might be some US Pirates who read this list that haven't seen my pleas on
the other methods I've used to get the word out about this.

I'm working on editing together a Pirate Book (tentatively named "No Safe
Harbor") about pirate politics in America. We have a skeleton of stuff we'd
like the book to cover at
http://wiki.pirate.is/index.php?title=USPP_Unnamed_Book and would like to
petition more writers from the PPI list. Now, we really want the book to
focus on the United States as that's the market we're trying to sway.

The skeleton on the site has a few articles already up that we're putting in
the book. If anyone can contribute any more, rock on, let me know. If you
know someone who might be able to, let them know. If you know of any
writings (blog posts or anything else) that might be of interest, let me
know so I can check them out and possibly contact the author about using

If anyone has any questions, comments, or concerns, let me know at brad.hall
at pirate-party.us (or this PPI list).

Rock on,

Brad Hall

Former Administrator, United States Pirate Party
Vice-Chairman, Florida Pirate Party
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