[pp.int.general] [RULING] 2012-5 (Validity of 2012 GA Conference)

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ethica is among other things about how not to alienate those that for coherence's sake can not afford to drop ethical behaviour.

it can be treated separately only insofar as the practice and the pragmatism treated separately are not a simple way to sidetrack and ditch it.

a pragmatic lack of ethic, for instance... would not be accepted, or at least should not be accepted.

i know what kind of associations/gatherings i do not want to be part of... and i guess many other do know too.


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> On Sat, Aug 18, 2012 at 3:19 PM, Anouk Neeteson <jakobsheep at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Then all we have to do is explainig in simple wording or like an easy
> > digestable visual commercial video how this ethical body (in the perfect
> > future) works, or how to give these abstract functions a 'face'
> >
> > There should be 2 simultaneous parallel discussion threads.
> > One I call PRACTICE (pragmatism), dealing with real time real life, no room
> > for discussions about opinions, dogma or filosofies etc.-the domain of
> > moral-
> > Here problems are SOLVED. The tool liquid democracy is a good example (still
> > misunderstood by MOST pirates)
> >
> > Two I call ETHICA, where all timeless issues are gathered and kept open for
> > discussion eternally.
> OK - I think can work.  The point is - how this can be done in
> PRACTICE?  Would the theoretical oriented ETHICA people accept any
> concrete (PRACTICAL) arrangement about how this split is done?
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