[pp.int.general] The Pirate Bay founders to jail as supreme court appeal was rejected

Giulio Prisco giulio at gmail.com
Wed Feb 1 11:54:28 CET 2012

This was to be expected. The "content and entertainment" industry
(quotes intended), and their bribed buddies in guess-which-government,
are determined to go ahead with their war against the free Internet,
and of course they can bully European governments into compliance.
This deserves a massive response.

Does the 12 months reduction mentioned in the TF article mean that
they won't be actually be sent to jail?

2012/2/1 Joonas Mäkinen <joonas.makinen at piraattinuoret.fi>:
> Http://torrentfreak.com/pirate-bay-founders-prison-sentences-final-supreme-court-appeal-rejected-120201/
> Time for a European Union court case?
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