[pp.int.general] SOPA - Should we go on blackout strike?

Pat Mächler patrick.maechler at pp-international.net
Sat Jan 14 11:22:24 CET 2012

TL;DR: Who would opt for a blackout strike on 18th of January against
SOPA? or should it be later? see http://sopastrike.com/ for details

extended version:
You may should be all aware about the SOPA bill in the US that is
scheduled to be voted on 24th of January

SOPA is not only bad for US citizens, but for everyone *WORLDWIDE* for
at least 3 reasons
1) The US is the leading force behind the "war on piracy" and
extending the boundaries of copyright worldwide. We have clear
evidence with ACTA[1], in Sweden [2] and in Spain [3]. There are
likely more examples.
2) The US has currently still (directly or indirectly) a relatively
high level of control over crucial Internet infrastructure; with SOPA
they intend to exert worldwide control over generic TLDs such as .net
.com etc.
3) It's a direct attack against free speech worldwide; it's a terrible
sign for a country where free speech has been held once so high

I'm certainly not even closely to beeing anti-US or similar; but this
bill is just terrible to say the least and thus it needs to be fighted
by all means, even by people who usually prefer not to give a shit
what happens in the US.

Thus I would suggest that you at least consider to participate in a
blackout strike or raise awareness by other means.
On reedit a strike has been announced for 18th of January http://sopastrike.com/
Similar suggestions have been made previously by a lose conglomerate
with Google, Wikipedia and other giants [4]; however it's not clear
whether they agreed on a certain date. Some sources have suggested
that they may arrange a blackout strike for the day before the vote
(i.e. 23th of January)

You may decide that a strike of your PP website does not really make
sense. But then at least push your national media to raise further


[1] http://www.p2pnet.net/story/48477
[2] http://falkvinge.net/2011/09/05/cable-reveals-extent-of-lapdoggery-from-swedish-govt-on-copyright-monopoly/
[3] http://boingboing.net/2010/12/03/wikileaks-cables-rev.html
[4] http://www.ghacks.net/2011/12/30/internet-giants-consider-sopa-strike/

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