[pp.int.general] SOPA - Should we go on blackout strike?

Pirat@LennStar.de pirat at lennstar.de
Mon Jan 16 14:05:50 CET 2012

I think 150 seconds mean
that "stopsopa standard" page is there for 150 seconds and then you can
access the normal page.

The PP Germany Press is also cooking something I have been told.


Am 16.01.2012 13:52, schrieb Pat Maechler aka Valio:
> The site sopastrike.com now suggests "AT 8AM WEDNESDAY, PUT THIS ON YOUR SITE."
> What is contradictory: sopastrike.com suggests 12 hours; the linked
> site only suggests 150 seconds
> http://americancensorship.org/modal/sopastrikeoverlay.html
> BTW: The Swiss pirates have already been covered on the story in a
> national newspaper
> http://www.nzz.ch/nachrichten/digital/sopa_weisses_haus_dns_sperren_google_1.14360763.html
> i.e. it's a good opportunity for media coverage for pirates as well.
> fair winds
> -pat
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