[pp.int.general] MegaUpload raided, shut down on request of US authorities

Justus Römeth squig at dfpx.de
Sat Jan 21 10:49:03 CET 2012

By that logic the people responsible for the pirate bay should have been
arrested a long time ago. It doesn't work like that.
(and I think the notion that they fall under American jurisdiction because
they operated a .com address, which is used here, is laughable, too.)

They were an international company operating outside of the US, other than
their .com address and catering to American customers among others they did
nothing that warrants US authorities to try them in the US, since none of
them is a US citizen.

Other than that I do agree that they made money off other's people work,
and should be pursued legally for that. But I think the laws of their
country of residence, or the country the company was in apply, not US laws.

Otherwise we might as well get rid of countries alltogether and find a
global legal code, and a global government.

On Sat, Jan 21, 2012 at 8:51 AM, Christian Hufgard
<pp at christian-hufgard.de>wrote:

> On 21.01.2012 08:46, Ryan Moffitt wrote:
> > I dont believe it should be legal for a jury in virginia to have the
> power
> > to seize the assets of a company in Hong Kong and have 4 people in New
> > Zealand arrested.
> Well, if you are under suspect to have commit a crime in country A, it
> is pretty business as usual that you can be arrested in country B. And
> MegaUpload is not a little company in Hong Kong addressing only to
> chinese customers.
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