[pp.int.general] Looking for data on growth in live music in EU countries

Daniel Riaño danielrr2 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 5 09:18:11 CEST 2012

An important piece of missing information in the tables of the INE for
Spain is the evolution of the music digital market. Only discs in physical
support are considered in the tables, for some reason. The IFPI has all the
data (from Nielsen). If only they could share...! (you can of course have a
look at the IFPI's Digital Music Report 2012 for a meagre look at what
happened in 2011)

2012/6/5 Mike Masnick <mike at floor64.com>

> Hi guys,
> Francisco had passed along my RFD last week concerning data, and he's
> since sent over the following page from Spain:
> http://www.ine.es/daco/daco42/sociales11/sociales.htm
> which includes some fantastic stats (under the "Cultura" links, which open
> up spread sheets) about how much live music in Spain has grown over the
> last decade.  We've also seen similar info for the UK.
> What I'm really hoping for is similar data from (specifically the rise in
> live music):
> * Germany
> * Italy
> * France
> * Russia
> Each of these countries have national stats bureaus (the links after each
> country), but not being familiar with the language, it's very difficult to
> find similar stats.
> Separately, again, in any of these countries, any further details on
> consumer spending on entertainment would be great.  In the US, the Bureau
> of Labor Statistics has that data for us, but we've been unable to find the
> same thing in any of the larger EU economies.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated (and would likely lead to the data
> being used in a document that can be quite helpful to you in your campaign
> efforts).
> Thanks,
> Mike
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