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On 9 June 2012 14:54, Nuno Cardoso <nuno.cardoso at pp-international.net>wrote:

> +1 seeder here. Good luck!
> On Sat, Jun 9, 2012 at 11:48 AM, Maxime Rouquet <
> maxime.rouquet at partipirate.org> wrote:
>> Dear fellow pirates,
>> The Pirate Party of France is asking for citizens to share the ballot
>> papers of some of its candidates to the upcoming June 10th Parliament
>> election.
>> Please, relay our call and share our ballot papers, to show that
>> peer-to-peer and sharing are great for good purposes !
>> Regards,
>> m
>>  * Original communicate in French :
>> http://legislatives.partipirate.org/2012/2012/06/06/p2p/
>>  * Translation :
>> Peer-to-peer to support the French Pirate Party campaign
>> Many of the 101 candidates of the French Pirate Party are asking their
>> electorate to print their voting ballots, after retrieving it from their
>> campaign websites. But the success of the French Pirate Party caused
>> repeatedly overloads on our server, which is vulnerable, as any
>> centralized system. As a result, we will this week-end distribute all of
>> the concerned voting ballots via peer-to-peer, and are asking to people
>> who can, and are willing to, to share them.
>> The French Pirate Party restricted resources prevent it from being able
>> to support its candidates campaigns, among whose several have made the
>> choice to lead a "zero Euro" campaign. Even if the scores will obviously
>> be low, even a symbolic success remains entirely possible thanks to the
>> French Pirate Party campaign on the Internet, which supplies a website
>> referencing the candidates and making it possible for people to download
>> their voting ballots in order to print them [1].
>> But the past few weeks have proven that *the centralization of data was
>> risky* : from the Alsace section's Twitter account being closed for a
>> few hours due to a misunderstanding [2], to the French Pirate Party
>> website who failed multiple times to support the visitors load
>> (especially right after the broadcasting of our televised messages) [3].
>> Even without thinking about an abusive procedure like the one our
>> colleagues from the PiratenPartei suffered [4], great are *the risks
>> that our electorate will not be able to access our server during this
>> week-end*, and as a consequence will not be able to vote for us.
>> As a result, the French Pirate Party puts today to good use the *best
>> technology for massive, decentralized and censor-proof distribution,
>> which is not subject to overloading issues in case of great popularity :
>> the peer-to-peer. By sharing today our candidates voting ballots via
>> BitTorrent, we ensure that every voter will be able to get his/her hands
>> on a pirate voting ballot, and support his/her candidate, no matter what
>> happens during the week-end : accidents or censoring attempts.
>> This is also a good way to remind everybody that the technology should
>> never be demonized as such, and that a lot of righteous and virtuous
>> uses of peer-to-peer should inspire our politicians at least as much as
>> its impact on the distribution of digital arts.
>> Our team has gathered and checked voting ballots from every one of our
>> candidates : we encourage people in our electorate who will be printing
>> their ballots to check them on Saturday. The file to share via
>> peer-to-peer is currently being released on every communication support
>> that we have, and we encourage every one willing to protect the
>> democratic speech to share it.
>> The torrent file can be downloaded here :
>> https://cap.partipirate.org/pubarch/2012-01-preparation_legislatives/bulletins/des_candidats/bulletins_de_vote_pirates.torrent
>> The direct magnet link is :
>> magnet:?xt=urn:btih:981c376dd0f103dd1d93bbe77546f89aafa224e6&dn=bulletins_diy_parti_pirate_legis2012.zip
>> [1] http://legislatives.partipirate.org/2012/vos-candidats/
>> [2] https://alsace.partipirate.org/spip.php?article54
>> [3] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HBP16ep6cuI
>> [4]
>> http://www.zdnet.fr/actualites/plusieurs-serveurs-du-parti-pirate-allemand-saisis-sur-demande-de-la-france-39760991.htm
>> [5] https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/P2P
>> The Pirate Party of France, June the 8th, 2012
>> Statement released under the conditions of the CC-BY license.
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