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On 6/26/2012 11:49 AM, Anouk Neeteson wrote:
> Hi, I'm new to this ML and like to be involved in the PPI. I'll be
> soon a senior PP member in France. I'm Dutch by birth but live now
> over 11 years in France where the PP.fr is (slowly) taking off.

Bonjour. Yes, now that the factionalism is over there (oh the fun of
having THREE different parties there, at one time, I remember it well)
you can really start working well.

> So far my introduction ;-).
> To answer your question, aren't there already enough books out
> there already proving this ?

I think you're missing the point slightly of No Safe Harbor.
Sure there are plenty of books on this topic. We want a unique
'pirate' oriented perspective though.

The first book was about 50/50 Pirate Party members, and external
writers. This book, we're hoping to have more Pirate members, and less
'externals', to literally make it more of a 'Pirate Party book'

> So instead of writing something new better dig up some old and
> reshape it to make it readable. I hope to have been of any help.

A new look, is a new spin, and can be shaped by both personal
experience, and new research. We all learn as we go on. I look at some
of the work I put out in say 2005 (there's one rather dreadful one I'm
ashamed of at www.piracyisnotacrime.com from then - luckily you can't
tell which is mine, since none have our names on, so you can't tell
which I wrote, which Ben Jones from TorrentFreak wrote, and which a
third friend of ours wrote) and it's terrible. I'd be better off
starting fresh now, and including those facts in a whole new piece. It
would take less effort than trying to modify it with the benefit of

Also, we have some experience in writing, and so can help people -
other pirates - get started in getting their ideas across. The books
themselves focus on the three main areas of Pirate Policy,
deliberately. By collecting existing works (as we did a fair bit in
the first book), and (preferably) having new pieces covering topics,
we hope to make a series that can, in theory, be handed straight to a
person, be read, and have them understand who we are, what we want,
and why, all in a self-contained document.

Rather than doing a blog (and dealing with hyperlinks, etc) which
already exists (such as Falkvinge on infopolicy - falkvinge.net - for
which I'm a contributor) we want to embrace another format, which is
better for self-contained reading, and off-line reading. This way we
can better target new people.

And finally, we're also trying to make a point. We have the eBook
available for anyone to download and share for free
(www.nosafeharbor.com has the links, and again, we thank PPI for their
hosting of the files) we also have a paperback edition for sale on
Amazon. There is no difference in content, only typography (because
Brad did the typesetting for the paperback, and I did it for the
eBooks - I'll be doing it for all this time around, while he focuses
on the editing side, which I'm weaker at, and saves doing it twice).
Despite that, the paperback version has sold better than we expected.
At one point it was in the top-5000 sellers overall on Amazon. You CAN
give away a free version (when I last checked, over 12,000 downloads
from the links on www.nosafeharbor.com, not counting those that used
the torrent), and sell an identical physical version and have it bought!

In fact, thank you! I think I've just written the outline for the
introduction for book 2. See, it's THAT simple :-)


> On Jun 26, 2012 5:13 p.m., "roberto aka robske"
> <evilteddyxl at gmail.com <mailto:evilteddyxl at gmail.com>> wrote:
>> Would it be fine if I'd write a piece about education and how,
>> when
> coupled with freedom of information, could lead to more successful
> and innovative people?
>> - Roberto Moretti Dutch pirate party member
>> Op 26 jun. 2012 04:00 schreef "Andrew Norton" <ktetch at gmail.com
> <mailto:ktetch at gmail.com>> het volgende:
> There's a little over two months left for submissions for No Safe 
> Harbor 2. The deadline is September 1st 2012 (so we can have
> enough time to get it out and ready for a December 1st release
> Again, we will be splitting it up into three categories 1)
> Government and Corporate Transparency and Accountability 2)
> Personal Privacy 3) Copyright, Patent, and Trademark Reform
> If you're a Pirate Party member, we welcome your submissions, of
> any length or style. And please, forward this request on to your
> parties. If you're not a Pirate Party member (and I know there's a
> lot of you on this list) but still wish to contribute, then get in
> touch with Brad Hall (editor at nosafeharbor.com
> <mailto:editor at nosafeharbor.com>)
>> and we'll discuss it. We're trying
> to keep it to one non-pirate per section though.
> The Book will, again, be a free eBook distributed under a
> CC-BY-NC-SA license and have a physical copy available on Amazon 
> (book 1 is at http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1468033999)
> Brad Hall and myself will once again be editing the book, and will
> try and make it better than the first one! At present we have 9-10
> pieces, but we want more!
> Yours Andrew Norton
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