[pp.int.general] The right to protest

Antonio Garcia ningunotro at hotmail.com
Sat Jun 30 13:44:26 CEST 2012

One can not be happy in ignorance, not on this world of ours... as long as someone else not living in ignorance has as a goal to control as many resources as possible, including prioritarily those most easily accessible... those in the hands of the most ignorant ones ;) .

Per definition, a wise man is a knowledgeable man with on top of that proper judgement... if he lives in poverty, it can only be because it is an deliberate choice.

In order to have a stable society, one needs to get rid of the simple logic that wants it that in order to secure survival... any conscious entity feels the need to secure control of NO LESS THAN HALF OF EARTH'S RESOURCES... to make sure no other single entity or coalition of others is able to outpower him and be the one to ultimately survive.

If humanity has problems today... it all derives from the rational use of the capacity of our brains, our intelligence. Just the fact that we are able to model circumstances that affect our survival possibilities, and anticipate that other might anticipate that we anticipate... the ways we might imagine to secure our own survival.

As said, the only relative security theorised so far... is reaching control of half of Earth's resources...

... and with several elite groups competing among each other... the battle is being tough and the ignorants are being obliged to fasten their belts a few notches more. Theorethically, in order to secure survival of a group... one might push them close to starvation if that is what is needed to dedicate all available resources to build the toughest defences possible.

Austerity anyone?


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> > Is it good to be happy in ignorance, for example?
> Is it good to be the wisest man but live in poverty? A stable society
> needs both.
> CHristian
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