[pp.int.general] The right to protest

HerNenya isabel.fdez at mundo-r.com
Sat Jun 30 16:05:56 CEST 2012

Ahoi Pirates,

Internet being a Human Right, fine, I agree... but respecting this
particular subject we are facing violations of articles #3, #5, #11.2,
#18, #19, #20.1, #28, and #30. All of these violations by Governments
are still unpunished.

And this only on this issue: there are more severe violations of Human
Rights in these countries, including mine.

Some people in several areas are deeply desperate because of poverty,
unemployment,rising prices for basic services, rising taxes that are not
working to solve the problems, deprivation of fundamental rights such as
public health, education, sanitation of private banks with public money,
institutional corruption... and really cruel injustices coming up to
light every single day. It is too much to stand and not feel disgusted
at times. We cannot expect them to stay quiet and do nothing.

These people feel helpless and (unfortunately) for many of them, the
right to protest is the last thing they can do.

Political parties of any nature must focus on people needs. And people
need Freedom in all of aspects.

What do I think? We have to work at the same time on both: preserving
Human Rights and include Free Internet as a Human Right. We cannot
establish priorities here.

Best Regards

Isabel Fernandez.

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