[pp.int.general] Pirate Times attracting many visitors -> Looking for more writers to join us

Josef Ohlsson Collentine international at piratpartiet.se
Mon Oct 1 21:21:02 CEST 2012

Hi Pirates!

Pirate Times had a crazy popular last week.
Visitors: *4437* visits, *3700* unique visitors (Sweden 1231, US 876,
Germany 391)

*+4600 shares* over social media just counting the past week and the
articles published during that time!
2465 fb shares
597 twitter shares
1663 fb likes
59 g+1
437 reddit points

Thought I would show you these statistics to show how Pirate Times is
becoming an important news source in the pirate movement. This is also a
good opportunity to remind people that we are still looking for more
writers to join our team. If you want to reach a bigger audience with your
articles about pirates consider joining us:

We have also been asked about the best way to help Pirate Times if you lack
the time to put in some voluntary work. You can donate to us via Flattr
https://flattr.com/profile/pirate_times but we don't need much funds to
run. More importantly is spreading the word about us to friends, families
and contacts. Another big help is sending us tips about news to cover to
our e-mail: contact at piratetimes.net


*Organizational Leader for Pirate Times *http://piratetimes.net

*Other contact:*
mail: international at piratpartiet.se
Twitter: @collentine
irc.pirateirc.net user: collentine (always there but slow responses)
Skype: josef.ohlsson.collentine (only important conversations)
Cel: +52 55 48 23 52 83 (text me, if urgent)
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