[pp.int.general] Board meeting protocols of Pirate Parties

Kenneth Peiruza kenneth at pirata.cat
Sat Oct 6 21:43:40 CEST 2012

Al 05/10/12 18:53, En/na Josef Ohlsson Collentine ha escrit:
> A collected list of pirate party boards that are keeping their meeting
> protocols public and transparent. If some are faulty or if you have
> another one to add then please reply to this mail.
> I'm also interested in hearing from the countries not listed why they
> choose to not publish their board minutes publically when they promote
> transparency from others. e.g. PPCAT who hides their minutes in a
> member only zone. Motivations for the secrecy of not publishing
> publically?
Hi Josef,

As you know, in PP-CAT we're almost transparency-extremists, but we are
also very strict in privacy.

Our board meeting briefs are publicly available on the Internet. We have
a monthly meeting, and they are even open to participation of
non-members, but our general assembly's briefs are only available for
our members.

The Spanish personal data protection law (LOPD) is quite harsh, and we
apply it in its highest standards. The LOPD defines political ideology
as an information that might be preserved secret, and it's on its
maximum level of protection.  It's is strictly forbidden to reveal the
ideology of a person. That's why this information isn't public, because
in the GA's minutes, because members that haven't been elected for a
board or workgroup task, haven't revealed their ideology on themselves,
and we can't force them to do so just by participating in an assembly.

For this reason, we keep the GA's minutes just for our members.

Willing to fix this issue, we passed a motion to publish openly on the
Internet our GA briefs, after being "anonymized" to make public only the
names of board members, workgroup/local coordinators and those who
explicitly want to appear in the brief.

However, editing our former GA briefs is time-consuming (we've at least
1 GA every 3 months), so this isn't a priority task when we're just
facing an election that has been advanced 2 years, announced with just
61 days in advance :S

I hope we'll be able to publish them in early 2013.

Best regards,

Kenneth Peiruza
Pirates de Catalunya
Board Member

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