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Mon Oct 8 02:27:52 CEST 2012

Dear Antonio,

I am no lawyer, but as far as I know the law is very different
regarding databases of people registered at a political party and of
people registered at a conference.

I think it would be very surprising, given that we had to wait for the
streaming at the start of the conference, that someone there didn't
know s/he was going to be recorded and broadcasted on Internet. It's
true we forgot to ask explicitly on registration (we'll make sure to
do it next time, believe me) but nobody has complained so far. And we
did ask for everyone's written permission before publishing on
Internet their names in an attendants list.

As for the other subject, it would be very silly for us to publish all
the minutes and make them accessible to all the members (something
that is for free and that anyone living in Catalonia can do very
easily) if we wanted to hide stuff, as you suggest.

Anyway, as has been already said, we all agree to publish them as
well, so it's just a matter of time before they are online accessible
to everyone.

Best regards,


2012/10/8 Antonio Garcia <ningunotro at hotmail.com>:
> Nobody asks for them being a member or not. Bad precedent for you if you are
> willing to classify peoples rights differently whether they are members of
> something or not.
> Privacy is not only reducible to traceability over google when giving a name
> or nick as the search criterion. Someone might not only be interested in
> tracking one single person, they might be interested in tracking everyone
> attending a given event related to some kind of people. Thus identifying
> everyone on the recordings, or maybe only those whose words stand out
> considering some useful criteria for the ones performing the search. As we
> have learned from a recent facebook controversy... face recognition
> procedures can even be outsourced to incautious friends willing to tag
> everybody for fun.
> Fact is, nobody asked them if they wanted to be filmed... and you published
> the footage anyway, in contrast to what you are doing with the meeting
> protocols, where you are going through a lot of work to wipe out traces of
> people with some kind of lame excuse. Might be that you are really wanting
> to have to do work on them... simply as to be able to stall their
> publication with an excuse that seems rational.
> Normal procedure for such kind of meetings should be for everyone to know
> their words go on record and will be published unless they timely invoke
> some kind of exception, attendance without invoking anything counting as
> blanket consent, not for someone going through all after time has passed to
> decide what he should censor or not.
> So the situation is not different at all, only the decision of Pirates de
> Catalunya is different. And reasons given do not seem to be comprehensible.
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> On Sun, Oct 7, 2012 at 6:02 PM, Antonio Garcia <ningunotro at hotmail.com>
> wrote:
> Pirates de Catalunya has recently rendered public by publishing on youtube
> the raw footage of the 1-2 sept Barcelona Conference. Do they have a signed
> statement allowing for public exposition from any and everyone of the
> persons featuring in those recordings? Should those recordings have been
> published if you had followed the line you are trying to enforce now?
> It's totally different: the names are not indexed there. So when you google
> for a "Fulanito Pérez" ("John Doe"), the name would appear on a PDF, but not
> on a youtube video.
> But it's a bad example: anybody could go to the PPEU Congress, no need to be
> a member. Si if someone appeared in the video, that doesn't mean that he is
> a member.
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