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> Dear Antonio,
> I am no lawyer, but as far as I know the law is very different
> regarding databases of people registered at a political party and of
> people registered at a conference.

Thank you. At last. Because that is exactly my point, and you have not understood.

What I have wanted you to understand exactly is that it is one thing to be a party and to collect the necessary info from your members and put it in a database, the one enormously protected by the Spanish LOPD, and another thing altogether to organize conferences, meetings, and such.

The party membership database is one set of specially sensible data rightly protected by law not to be used for any other purpose than handling membership issues.

Any event-handling attendance database, for a conference, a meeting, etc. is ON ITS OWN ... another database, collected for another specific purpose, with consent for use of its data implicitly given for whatever may be needed in the specific context of the event. Here, we may say that, because everybody knows that pirate parties publish their meeting protocols... anyone attending such meeting gives explicit permission to be listed among the attending people and to be quoted in the protocol. Unless of course at some time some known previous or real-time agreement decides otherwise, or if any later agreement decides some of the content of the protocols should be made unavailable for some valid reason.

Now, going for the fine print...

Any party member attending an event... either fills in the events data sheet autonomously providing all the needed information as new data, to be used legitimately for anything needed in the context of the event, or, for simplicity and conveniences sake, IMPLICITLY allows at the moment of signing up or attending that the Pirate Party take the relevant data of him from the members database and put it in the event database, extending the purposes allowed for in the member database to being transferred to the database of that event. This, only to avoid himself and the party the hassle of having to retype everything. Eventually, the occasion can be seized to update outdated information in the members database, in a parallel but different operation.

So, these are TWO different databases, covering different purposes, with different conditions attached.

The stringent conditions imposed by the Spanish LOPD to politically tainted databases... do not apply to all databases.

I guess the rest of the story you make up is no longer relevant to the subject. 
> I think it would be very surprising, given that we had to wait for the
> streaming at the start of the conference, that someone there didn't
> know s/he was going to be recorded and broadcasted on Internet. It's
> true we forgot to ask explicitly on registration (we'll make sure to
> do it next time, believe me) but nobody has complained so far. And we
> did ask for everyone's written permission before publishing on
> Internet their names in an attendants list.
> As for the other subject, it would be very silly for us to publish all
> the minutes and make them accessible to all the members (something
> that is for free and that anyone living in Catalonia can do very
> easily) if we wanted to hide stuff, as you suggest.
> Anyway, as has been already said, we all agree to publish them as
> well, so it's just a matter of time before they are online accessible
> to everyone.
> Best regards,
>                    Muriel

Good luck in the Catalan elections.

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