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Sun Oct 28 23:16:28 CET 2012

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From: Pascal Gloor <pascal.gloor at partipirate.ch>
Date: Sun, Oct 28, 2012 at 11:09 PM
Subject: Clean IT: Pirates publish counter-terrorism information

Clean IT: Pirates publish counter-terrorism information

After much controversy surrounding the european project "Clean IT",
the Pirate Party Switzerland ("PPS") and the Pirate Party Luxembourg
("Piraten") were able to make an exclusive arrangement with the
involved parties and will publish the current draft of the project on
the website www.openclean.it starting 18h00 on October 28 (today).

The aim of the Pirate Parties, in cooperation with the project
organizers, is to increase the transparency of the process and enable
the possiblity for citizens to influence the project. In order to
allow every citizen to participate in the discussions the Pirate
Parties from Switzerland and Luxembourg managed to create an exclusive
platform where critics and supporters alike can comment on the current
draft of the Clean IT Project.

"This openness and possibility to participate in the discussions is a
milestone in transparency for security related projects." says Pascal
Gloor, Vice-President of the Pirate Party Switzerland and member of
the Clean IT project group. "The project coordinators learned from the
mistakes made during the ACTA negotiations and were surprised by the
violent reactions concerning the leak of the outdated draft. They
decided therefore to follow the recommendations of the Pirate Parties
and agreed to the creation of the discussion platform

The text was made available to the Pirate Parties for publication on
the platform www.openclean.it to encourage a broad public discussion
and european-wide participation. "On the one hand participation and
transparency in the decision-making process creates trust in the
resulting acts and on the other hand the feedback from european
citizens increases the quality of the proposal - it's a win-win
situation for all involved parties!" says Sven Clement, President of
the Pirate Party Luxembourg.

Both parties salute this attempt to implement new ways for citizen
feedback and are convinced that the success of the CleanIT platform
will encourage other project organizers to use open and transparent
processes starting from the early stages of the discussions.


Pirate Party Switzerland
Pascal Gloor
pascal.gloor at partipirate.ch
Mobile: +41 79 346 00 26

Pirate Party Luxembourg
Sven Clement
sven.clement at piratepartei.lu
Mobile: +352 621 632 118

Pirate Party Germany
Jan Leutert
openclean.it Platform Manager
jan.leutert at piratenpartei-hessen.de
Mobile: +49 160 88 58685

Clean IT Project
But Klassen
Programme manager
National Coordinator for Counter Terrorism and Security, The Netherlands
but.klaasen at cleanitproject.eu

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